Magia – Sonata of Magical Warriors –

Full name: Magia – Sonata of Magical Warriors –
Platform: RPG Maker MV
Genre: Magical Girl, Action, Drama, Horror


Kazuko Orihime is a normal high school student who wants to get away from her peaceful but unsatisfying city. Her wish is granted more than she wants when she comes across a white dog carrying a piece of green crystal. All the sudden, she is dragged into another world by a horde of monster. In the time of life and death, she escapes the beasts and comes into a contact with the green crystal. The crystal is absorbed into her body. allowing her to develop a magical power that lets her vanquish her pursuers.

However, this is only the beginning of a long and dreadful journey that will change Kazuko’s life forever. In the decaying and unfamiliar wasteland, Monsters and evil people are hunting her down for the crystal in her body. Kazuko must struggle to survive as she desperately tries to return home.


Kazuko Orihime

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Type: Speed

A highly diligent but overworking student who seeks to leave her city to become an English teacher; While an overall a good person, Kazuko has a constant feeling that other people, especially her grandparents, are nuisances to her. She is as antisocial as a bookworm can be.

Having trained in martial art and fencing for self-defense, Kazuko is the most agile character among the core members. She has well balanced stats, moderate health, and good variety of attacking and defending skills. As the protagonist, you have to play as her the entire game.

Lydia Lene

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Type: Power

An American transferred student who has a bad reputation for being a delinquent. Known for her violent and rebellious attitude, she lusts for fights against bullies both to challenge herself and to protect others. She is an avid fan of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Getter Robo, having owned all the publications stored in her storage and free for all her friends to borrow. Lydia turns out to be a veteran magical warrior, a strong and reliable leader of Team Ward Soul.

Lydia is all about power. She has the strongest attacks, special abilities, and armors. Sadly, she is very slow. Despite her enormous MP pool, she also uses twice magical power and therefore has a problem with her fatigue.

Haruhito Saotome

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Type: Healer

Harutito is a kind and compassionate, but an utterly clumsy magical boy. He has recently discovered to have a power to heal wounds, which attracts monsters to his household. He has been placed into Team Ward Soul for a protection, and has been taught to shape shift into a dog to defend himself. Harutito and his adopted grandfather move to Tokyo to investigate the source of monster breakouts.

As a healer, Haruhito is an essential party member of the team. He has low health, poor durability, and lack offensive skills. However, his mystical power allows him to resist MP drain and all kinds of curses.

Gameplay Features

– Traverse the wasteland

In the world filled with monsters and despair, Kazuko is given an ability to surpass mankind. With trustful comrades in arms, can our heroine return home safely?

– Over 30 characters

Throughout the journey, you can recruit many different fighters into your team. Try and build a perfect magical warrior team!

– Survive the eternal night

In the wasteland, your weapons break easily, your magical supplies are finite, and death is permanent if a character take too much damage. Moderate your resources and taking care of your comrades are the key to a success.